What Photo Booth should you pick?

Many clients select a photo booth without really knowing that there are some real differences between photo booths. Let’s explore the differences between photo booths. It just may help you pick the right vendor.

Photo Booths of the past were big and bulky. They were typically found at the mall and did not have the fun factor. Many modern Photo Booths are sleek, modern and fit well in any venue. The physical appearance of the Photo Booth is important because you want it to fit in well in the decor of the venue. In the Photo Booth business, looks matter.

One of the first questions that a potential client should ask the Photo Booth vendor is “Is this an open air booth”. An open air booth will still have curtains but will not have the restrictive walls that an enclosed Photo Booth would have. Open Air Booths seem to be the current preference.

The next thing to consider is how many people can be in one image. A typical Photo Booth should be able to accommodate 6 to 8 people. While a session tends to have no more than 2 people in the image, most clients will still ask about how many can be in one picture. If the vendor says that 6 or more people can be in a image, then check the vendors website and look for images of multiple people.

One technical thing that is very important, yet clients rarely ask about is if the Photo Booth has a webcam or if it has a real DSLR. The client should insist upon a real DSLR. The image quality is better. The low-light performance is better and ability to make adjustments is easier. Insist on a unit with a real DSLR.

When choosing your Photo Booth Vendor, always ask the right questions. The right Photo Booth can make your event a smashing success. MidAtlantic Photo Booths is the perfect choice for your event. We serve Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the Raleigh Durham, NC markets. Call us !!


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