Let’s Welcome Our Newest Team Member

MidAtlantic Photo Booths is proud to announce the addition of a new team member.  Our newest addition represents our 4th photo booth to our group. Ashley Sharrock of Party-Up Entertainment has joined our team. Ashley owns and operates an Atlanta Photo Booth Party Box Photo Booth. Her equipment is state of the art with touchscreen, professional DNP printer and fully customizable presentations. Ashley’s equipment is in full unison with the other Atlanta Photo Booths in the MidAtlantic Photo Booths family. All of our photo booths blend in very well in any environment, both indoor and outdoor.

The addition of Ashley will allow our photo booths to conduct simultaneous operations in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.   The current capacity of events during any given weekend moves up to 12.  With no shortage of assignments, Ashley will have a huge opportunity to play a key role in our brand.

Ashley comes to us with a special skill set of working with Green Screen. Green Screen adds a new dynamic to our available services. Ashley has already started to conduct operations under the MidAtlantic Photo Booths brand. Recently, Ashley was assigned provide photo booth services at Kirk Middle School in Newark, DE. Ashley did an amazing job as shown by the compliments from the client.  The photos speak for themselves.  The kids had a great deal of fun and the photo booth was the highlight of the event.

Photo Booth Kirk Middle School Newark DE img_0098 img_0137_01

Photo Booth Printer DNP DSRX1 Review

The DNP DSRX1 printer has been the workhorse of our photo booth company for over a year now.  We thought that it was a good time to post a long term review of the printer in an effort to help others make their purchase decision.  When we purchased the DNP, we had to take a leap of faith based on recommendations from others on which printer would work best for our event photography.  We have used a number of printers in the past 13 years for our event photography but the DNP has been the most professional level unit that we have purchased.

We purchased our DNP from Imaging Spectrum.  Steve Behen was and continues to be our salesman.  Steve had a lot of brands available but recommended the DNP.  We placed our first order for 1 unit for our Delaware photo booth and it arrived a few days later.  We were able to add a 3 year extended warranty to unit for an additional $50.  We felt really good about this unit right out of the box.  After a year of ownership, we still feel good about the printer and particularly feel good about the customer service that Steve Behen has offered.  Believe it or not, he calls us every few months to make sure the printer is working well in our booth.

The instructions on how to use the unit was in print and on YouTube.  We quickly learned to load the paper and load the sub-dye ribbon.  I expected it to be messy or troublesome but it proved to be very easy to load.  Once we loaded the printer, we started to run sample sessions on our photo booth.  It worked flawlessly.  We discovered after running a few session that the printer has a paper cutter embedded in the printer to cut to the traditional 4 x 6 photo strip size.  The cutter is turned off via the printer driver software.  This is a huge time saver at an event.

The prints come out of the printer cut in less than 10 seconds after the booth session ends.  The prints are dry and have a perfect color match.  We had only 1 paper jam after several hundred photo booth sessions.  The paper jam is best described as a paper crinkle.  We cut the paper and reloaded the paper and were back in business in about 5 minutes.  To be clear, 1 jam in a year is not bad at all.

There are 700 prints on a roll and 2 rolls in a box of supplies for a total of 1400 prints.  Cut to 2 x 6, that yields a lot of prints.  A box of paper and dye ribbon is less than $180.  Low operating expenses are very important to a photo booth operator.  The DNP DSRX has been the most reliable printer that we have ever purchased with no requirements to service it during the year.

The true test of if a product is just good or truly great is your future buying decisions.  A good product is recommended to others.  A great product is a product that you would purchase again.  For our Maryland booth, we purchased another DNP DSRX1 printer just a few months later.  Still months later, we purchased a 3rd DNP DSRX1 printer for our North Carolina booth.  To date, all 3 printers have been “bullet proof”.  As we continue to grow our photo booth and event photography business, our first choice will be DNP and Imaging Spectrum.