Photo Booth Scrapbooks

Photo Booth Scrapbooks are an important part of a rental experience.  When renting a photo booth, the client should always consider having the scrapbook added to the package.  All of our locations including Delaware, Maryland and Raleigh / Durham use the same high quality scrapbooks.  Some vendors will charge extra for the scrapbook.  MidAtlantic Photo Booths affordable pricing includes the scrapbook as part of the base price.

The client should expect the photo booth to produce prints that are from a subdye printer and instantly dry.  This is the best type of print for the book.  Everything about the book should be acid free.  Acid free will insure that the images are not damaged from the glue process and that the pages are not damaged by the same process.

We use  large 12 inch x 12 inch books. The larger books allow guests to sign comfortably without having to write too small.  Some guests will insist upon writing unreasonably large. This is no problem with a big book.  The colorful use of pens and templates help to complete the book.  The joy comes at the end of the event when the host, bride or groom is presented with a fully completed scrapbook with copies of all the images and interesting notes by the guests.

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