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Darkroom Software has made reputation for providing top notch event software for photographers all over the world.  Darkroom Core and Professional provide event photographers with both onsite and drop-ship fulfillment options.  Photo Booth software is a new area for the company.  If you have ever been on a Carnival Cruise and had your picture taken, then reviewed the image and purchased it, then you saw Darkroom Core or Professional in use.

I have used a competing product in all of our photo booths for almost a year.  The competing product is solid and reliable, but lacks a good user interface.  Often while creating photo booth strips or trying to set up start screens, I would say in my own mind “if only someone would create an easy to use photo booth software, they would be a hit”.  I had no idea that Darkroom Booth was in the works.

The Darkroom Booth software user interface mirrors the Darkroom Core and Professional presentations.  The user Interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.  The tabs across the top of the screen are easy to move through. A user of Darkroom Core or Professional user can get up to speed with a very small learning curve.

Most photo booth software requires that you are familiar with Photoshop.  Manipulation of the images is expected to be in Photoshop.  Darkroom is a bit different.  Darkroom allows you to literally drag and drop almost anything.  I have taken clip-art and created photo booth layouts and welcome screens in minutes.  I have not had to go to Photoshop at all.  The competitors work well, but to be creative you must have a good Photoshop skill set with the competing products.  My 14 year old can create great strips in Darkroom Booth.

Green Sceen is the hottest option in the photo booth business.  Darkroom Booth comes ready to employ a Green Screen.  Simply select “Chroma Key” in the images option and you are ready to shoot to Green Screen.  Video is also an option.  The video option works well and smoothly.  Video clips of up to 60 seconds can be produced with the software.

Every new piece of software has growing pains.  Darkroom Booth was no different in the early releases.  Where they are different is in that the customer care is excellent.  I feel like I have a personal customer care associate (Wally at Darkroom).  I had one of the first copies of Darkroom Booth.  When small issues such as smoothness of it’s Liveview appeared, I called Darkroom and made a report.  Within 5 days, a full update was issued with the Liveview smoothness issue resolved.  I even got a follow-up call to tell me that an update was available.  Now that is customer service.

If you want to take the customer care one step further, Wally at Darkroom actually did a takeover of my computer and gave me a full tutorial of how to use the software.  I could not believe that.  They score a 100 on the customer care side.  Additionally, a number of informative tutorials are posted by the company online.

What have we had problems with?  The command of Ctrl R is supposed to reprint.  If you have a new trainee (we did) and they hold the Ctrl R down and continue to hold it, it will reprint numerous copies.  I am going to call that user error.  One Ctrl R for each reprint is the thing to remember.  Other reprint options are available also.

Our company, MidAtlantic Photo Booths, has 4 photo booths in our company.  The number of licenses that a piece of software provides is important to our company.  A purchase of Darkroom Booth issues the purchaser 2 licenses.  The computer must be connected to the Internet in order activate or deactivate the licenses.  A number of photo booths can share a single license purchase.  We could probably juggle 6 booths on 2 licenses if we had to.

A Darkroom Booth license can be purchased from the Darkroom Software Website for $295.  If you are in the market for a quality printer, consider pairing your Darkroom Booth software with a printer from Imaging Spectrum.  Imaging Spectrum will bundle a discount for the purchase of any of the Darkroom software with the purchase of most printers.

With all of our photo booths, we have conducted over 40 events with Darkroom Booth.  We feel that we have enough field testing experience to say that we highly recommend Darkroom Booth for your photo booth business.


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