Photo Booth Scrapbooks

Photo Booth Scrapbooks are an important part of a rental experience.  When renting a photo booth, the client should always consider having the scrapbook added to the package.  All of our locations including Delaware, Maryland and Raleigh / Durham use the same high quality scrapbooks.  Some vendors will charge extra for the scrapbook.  MidAtlantic Photo Booths affordable pricing includes the scrapbook as part of the base price.

The client should expect the photo booth to produce prints that are from a subdye printer and instantly dry.  This is the best type of print for the book.  Everything about the book should be acid free.  Acid free will insure that the images are not damaged from the glue process and that the pages are not damaged by the same process.

We use  large 12 inch x 12 inch books. The larger books allow guests to sign comfortably without having to write too small.  Some guests will insist upon writing unreasonably large. This is no problem with a big book.  The colorful use of pens and templates help to complete the book.  The joy comes at the end of the event when the host, bride or groom is presented with a fully completed scrapbook with copies of all the images and interesting notes by the guests.

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Quantico Photo Booth Rental

This weeks bride and groom are named Chanda and Riley.  Donald Pope Photography ( along with our photo booth company, MidAtlantic Photo Booths provided photography, videography and photo booth for the wedding.

The wedding was held at National Museum of the Marine Corps Chapel.  While it was a very hot day, we were able to capture good photography and videography.  Our photo booth team was setting up at the reception simultaneously at the Clubs at Quantico. Once we all arrived at the reception hall, the photo booth was already entertaining the guests.  We operated the photo booth for a full 4 hours and the guests loved it.

We would like to give a special thanks for DJ Extraordinaire Prestone (  It was a pleasure to have worked with you.

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Wedding Photo Booth in Ashburn, Virginia

The venue was one that we had not been previously familiar with.  It is called the Belmont Country Club.  We have a photo booth positioned in Bowie Maryland to serve this area and it was only a short drive away.  We arrived 1 hour prior to the start of the wedding reception and were set up and ready to entertain guests in about 20 minutes.  After the props were set out, the wedding guests began to immediately have fun with the booth.  Our bride and groom, Dylan and Katie, both loved the booth and took numerous pictures throughout the evening.

As with all packages, the prints were unlimited.  We did several reprints so that the guests would have extra copies.  We also armed the booth to send images to  If a guest wanted the images sent to his or her social media or email, they simply entered their information.  Most guests opted to have copies sent to their emails.  The emails normally arrive immediately and the prints are produced by the photo booth in about 20 seconds.

Thank you to the bride and groom for having us !


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FaceBook Page now up and running

We have created a Facebook Page for our business.  It is located at  The page will be used to share some of our photo booth events with the public.  We will also used it to promote pricing specials for all of our clients.  Please click over to the page and follow it.  We won’t send you junk, just good images and information.

Occasionally our other brand,, will advertised bundled packages that will include photography, videography and photo booth rental.  This is a really good deal for couples that are planning a wedding and want to keep the costs down.


Photo Booths in North Carolina

Our newest market for photo booth rentals is North Carolina.  The area near Raleigh and Durham has shown the greatest potential.  As with any new photo booth market, we introduced the market with very aggressive pricing.  We tested the market with a promotional offer priced at $599.  To date, it has been a huge success.

The clientele seems to be exactly the same as in our previous markets.  Weddings, graduation parties, bar mitzvahs and proms all seem to still be the core customer in North Carolina.  We look forward to booking new events that are uniquely southern.

The new market takes us as far east as the Washington, Greenville and Wilson area.  The new market also takes us as far west as Greensboro.  We expect the market to continue to grow in much the same way that we have grown in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

MidAtlantic Photo Booths would like to thank all of our new clients in North Carolina for booking with us.  We look forward to entertaining your guests with our photo booths.




What Photo Booth should you pick?

Many clients select a photo booth without really knowing that there are some real differences between photo booths. Let’s explore the differences between photo booths. It just may help you pick the right vendor.

Photo Booths of the past were big and bulky. They were typically found at the mall and did not have the fun factor. Many modern Photo Booths are sleek, modern and fit well in any venue. The physical appearance of the Photo Booth is important because you want it to fit in well in the decor of the venue. In the Photo Booth business, looks matter.

One of the first questions that a potential client should ask the Photo Booth vendor is “Is this an open air booth”. An open air booth will still have curtains but will not have the restrictive walls that an enclosed Photo Booth would have. Open Air Booths seem to be the current preference.

The next thing to consider is how many people can be in one image. A typical Photo Booth should be able to accommodate 6 to 8 people. While a session tends to have no more than 2 people in the image, most clients will still ask about how many can be in one picture. If the vendor says that 6 or more people can be in a image, then check the vendors website and look for images of multiple people.

One technical thing that is very important, yet clients rarely ask about is if the Photo Booth has a webcam or if it has a real DSLR. The client should insist upon a real DSLR. The image quality is better. The low-light performance is better and ability to make adjustments is easier. Insist on a unit with a real DSLR.

When choosing your Photo Booth Vendor, always ask the right questions. The right Photo Booth can make your event a smashing success. MidAtlantic Photo Booths is the perfect choice for your event. We serve Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the Raleigh Durham, NC markets. Call us !!


Photo Booth at Hotel Dupont, Wilmington, DE

The Hotel Dupont is one of the oldest and finest hotels in Delaware. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Wilmington, DE. Our photo booth fit into the elegant environment perfectly.

The entry to the venue was really smooth. We were able to set up and be ready to operate in less than 20 minutes. The event was extremely organized. Our location was mapped out and ready for us when we arrived. The bride and groom were named Marc and Erica. MidAtlantic Photo Booths would like to say “Thank you” to the happy couple. It was a pleasure to have served you.

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Photo Booth Hunt Valley Golf Club

On March 16th, 2013, MidAtlantic Photo Booths had the pleasure of providing photo booth services for a wedding reception at Hunt Valley Golf Club.  The bride was named Jeenah and the groom was named Eben. Phoenix is an area of Maryland that was especially beautiful.   The guests were wonderful and the event went perfectly.

The bride and groom both used the booth and took really great images.  The bride was very pleased with the photo booth and left a glowing testimonial.  Jeenah, Thanks for the kind words.

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